land use

/lænd ˈjus/ (say land 'yoohs)

the way in which land is used, especially when considering public as opposed to private use, agricultural use as opposed to conservation areas, etc.; significant in the planning of practices aimed at sustainability.
Twenty-seven per cent of Australia's human-induced greenhouse gas emissions is accounted for by land-based factors such as land clearing, livestock production, cropping and grazing, and forestry operations such as harvesting and fire management. On the other hand, forests in their role as greenhouse sinks remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Analysis of land use and understanding the effects of land use change is therefore of particular importance in Australia's response to the Kyoto Protocol. Australia's National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS), launched in 2002, charts these factors using satellite images to map land-cover change, data on land management, data on climate and soil, greenhouse gas accounting tools and computer modelling. A 2007 initiative issuing from concerns about changes in land use was a tax deduction for establishing trees in carbon sink forests. See also Kyoto Protocol.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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